About Us

Mineral Brazil Precious Surfaces has been operating in the market since 2015, with a wide and modern structure. The shed of more than 1,200 square meters of built area, in a headquarters of 33 thousand square meters, includes our office and factory with high technology machinery for the production of the incomparable materials you expect.

Our amazing, illuminated collection, made up of natural slabs and semi-precious stones is also available in more than 300 square meters of ready-to-deliver materials. They are beautiful natural stones like granite quartzites, marbles and calcites, and stunning semi-precious stones like agates, amethyst, crystal, quartz in plates to transform your projects into true works of art.

Located on the banks of the BR-101, our logistical differential facilitates the movement of materials between the ports of Vitória and Rio de Janeiro, with great agility for the export of products.

Mineral Brazil is the official L’Altra Pietra distributor in Brazil, with a line of high quality sintered and porcelain tiles, 100% produced in Italy. The huge range of products in immediate delivery and on request for all types is perfect for all types of internal and external projects, such as countertops, floors, walls. All the incredible colors like Duomo Perla, Selva Tongass, Tegel Moon and Cattedrale Cemento are highly resistant to loads, chemicals, stains, heat and abrasion.